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36 th Anniversary DVD.   DSL Dial Up


By the grace of God, 2020 is the 36th anniversary since our ministry has registered as a non-profit Christian organization in California.
Thanks be to our God! Thank you for your prayers and supports. May God continue to strengthen us working together to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth!

How to be God's Faithful Servants in the 21st Century
We are living in a generation filled with all kinds of media and obstacles in proclaiming the Gospel. Nevertheless, we must follow the methods of the Lord Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel; that is, through evangelism and actions we are to meet the real needs of the hearts of the people in the world.
The Answer of Our Life
Today many people wear the Cross around their necks, many young couples go to chapels to have Christian Wedding ceremonies, and many celebrate Christmas in December. What is the meaning of the Cross? Who is this Jesus Christ we celebrate? Can Jesus Christ really help us?
The Power of Jesus' Resurrection
The resurrection of Jesus Christ guarantees that there is new meaning for us as we live in this world.

About Us
This is our History, Belief, Vision, Needs, and Giving.

By the grace of God, this is our upcoming Evangelistic Meetings.

Please write to us for "KINGDOM OF GOD" Magazines, books, Desion Booklets, Video-DVDs, and so on.

This is the finance of our Ministry, thank you for your Prayers and Support! May God bless you!

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